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    Lazy Looking Luxurious

    Lazy Looking Luxurious

    Pajama robe coats are slowly becoming the new key essentials to effortless fashion. Spotted on the Burberry runway, these loosely layered pieces have labeled its way as a high fashion statement. Here are 4 ensembles we’ve curated that will surely take you from the office to happy hour to bedtime.


    Nothing more juxtaposed than this modern work ensemble. To finish this look, add a cute bralette and a pair of stilettos.

    Who says you can’t have a glass of mimosa during brunch? Throw in a slip dress with your pajama robe for a full-on boudoir look. Choose a minimal pair of ankle strap heels and finish with a pair of classic sunglasses.

    Add a little chic to your basic jorts and tank combo by styling this wrap dress as a coat á la Emily Ratajkowski. Channel your inner Jane Birkin by carrying a basket bag. Perfect for picnics, walks in the park or a leisure day outdoors.

    Quick errand to run? Just grab an edgy pair of sunglasses and slip-on sandals, and you’ll be ready to go in no time.