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By captivating design, we’re delighted to let the FOX out in full force. Its streamlined arms and perky cat eyed look are a classic call back to the frames made popular back in the 80s. Embrace the look that allures everyone’s attention and satisfies that primal urge we have charm the crowd.

Wear & Care

All orders include one ASRTD Drawstring Pouch.

Please remember to clean the lenses before you use them.

Do not use paper tissue or a rough cloth to clean the lenses, otherwise the lenses will get blurred. Avoid using household detergents or soaps. Just regular water and a microfiber cloth will do.

After use always remember to store them back in the drawstring pouch so the lenses will not get stained, scratched or damaged.

Handcrafted Designer Polycarbonate Frames
100% UVA/UVB Protection (UV 400)
Anti Glare Coating
Premium Scratch Resistant Lenses

Lens Width: 65 mm
Bridge Width: 22 mm
Lens Height: 45 mm